Dear Mr. Miles,
     I want to commend you on the exquisite workmanship displayed on the video productions you have done for my family throughout the years.  Your style is unique and I can appreciate the thought you gave to customizing the music to my husband's liking.  The music that was set to my video was the perfect description of me.  I can't say enough about your timeliness, and grace.  I never saw you filming... it was done so smoothly and without distraction.  You truly have an eye for heartfelt captures.

Some people search a lifetime for their talent, yours is truly capturing memories that last and last.

God bless you and your business.

Lucretia Norwood

Miles Productions is a great company to work with.  What you can expect from Miles Productions is the best service for your money!  I have worked with Miles Productions on a number of different projects and can honestly say each project started and ended on time and was handled professionally.  Equipment functioned properly, which I find to be extremely important when technology is involved.  The flexibility of their staff and the willingness to satisfy the customer is one of their best attributes!

Thanks to Miles Productions for making my job easier!

Patricia Tenner
Program Manager